Welcome to Covid “Light”!

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As we begin to emerge from a closed Covid Pandemic World to a slowly opening ”Covid Light” world, changing the way we do things is now a daily or at least a weekly event. New rules and new procedures keep coming at us all the time. It now becomes a task and at times a chore, to catch, read, and use most of them or file away the ones that don’t apply to us.
If you own a business you understand what I mean. There are many more things to consider now if you plan on staying in business. People who want to get back to work or just see their families have less things to consider. Although sometimes those considerations are way more important. If there is a family member who is retirement age or older, or if someone has a
pre-existing condition then the stakes become higher as we try to visit that person. Try to remember that silver linings always exist.

Our new found awareness of our own health as well as others has changed the way we eat, (I know I have decreased my fast food intake!) communicate and also the way we exercise. Since we can’t go to the gym just yet and may not for quite a while, we are challenged to find other ways to stay in shape. I see more people walking around the neighborhood, I know most dogs are getting longer walks and thus more exercise. People have also told me that they are doing exercise at home now, when they did not before. Maybe some people will keep doing that even when the gyms open someday. Let’s try look at the bright side, we, people in general, have made it through tough changes before like 9/11, riots of the sixties, world wars and the depression just to name a few.

When we finally emerge completely from the time of Covid, we and our children will have more character and might care for our fellow humans a little more than we did before. We will also be better prepared for the next crisis that we the people will have to face. Don’t be afraid to smile, laugh and have a positive outlook for the future, it’s certainly better than the alternative.

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