American Express

To give access to a third party to view your American Express business account, you need to set up their account using the Account Manager feature on Amex’s website.  Within Account Manager, you can grant limited access to your bank records.  You can modify the user privileges by going to My Account then User Administration and clicking on View/Modify.  Next select View Only access.


Bank of America

You can grant third party access to your Bank of America account by upgrading your online banking account to include Account Management. Using this add-on, you can create an individual account access level and allow a third party to view and manage accounts with whatever privileges you grant.

The Account Management feature of Bank of America also allows you to integrate Quickbooks to your account. By integrating, you can synchronize transactions between your bank and your Quickbooks account in real-time.


Capital One

When working with Capital One as your bank, you will need to use their Treasury Management feature to limit your accountant’s viewing access. With this feature, you can adjust the access settings of your authorized users.


Chase Bank

Chase Bank offers the Chase Access & Security Manager. This feature allows you to set up multiple authorized users with their own unique ID and password, which gives them access only to the accounts and services you allow.  To access this feature:

  • Sign into your account and choose Account Management
  • Select Access & Security Manager from the drop-down menu
  • You will see the option to add an authorized user by selecting Add New User
  • You will need to complete the fields on the page
  • Choose the accounts a new user can access. Assign their level of access by choosing Assign access


PNC Bank

PNC Bank gives you the ability to grant “view only” access to a third party with limited access to items such as bank statements, check copies, and ability to connect accounts to QuickBooks Online.  To grant “view only” access:

  • Log into
  • Click on the Business Tools tab
  • Find the Account Delegation section and click on Add/Edit Sub Users
  • Add the required information on the Sub User form and click on Next
  • On the next page, be sure to check Accounts under Select the services that will be granted to the Sub User, and click on Next
  • Add access to all business accounts by checking the box next to each one, and under each account select access to Online Statements and View images of checks and deposit/withdrawal slips
  • Click Save and email us the User ID you created along with the temporary password


U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank allows you to share customized access for business accounts using the “Shared Access” feature. You can select “View Only.” This will allow a third party to view transactions, balances, and other details on selected accounts.

U.S. Bank provides detailed history reports that allow you to keep tabs on Shared Access users as the Shared Access administrator. To activate this feature:

  • Login to U.S. Bank online using your business user ID
  • Find the I’d Like To menu located on the left side of the page and choose Managed Shared Access
  • Or you can click Customer Service and then select Shared Access


Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has an Account Access Management feature that allows you to can grant an individual online “View Only” access to one or more of your accounts, manage their usernames and passwords, and edit/cancel a guest user’s access anytime.

When you visit the Wells Fargo page, navigate to the small business section. From there, select Account Access Management.  You will see an overview of employees who have been added to your account and the type of access they have.

IL MyTax 3rd-Party Access

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