We Make It Easy

Here is what to expect during your tax preparation process. 

Please gather and hold on to your tax documents until you have them all, and then submit them to us as one complete package. This helps avoid delays in processing your tax return and ensures we have all your documents.


Personal Tax Return Timeline


1.       Collect all the tax documents

·         W-2’s, 1099’s, K-1’s, other income and expenses, medical/dental expenses, taxes you paid, interest you paid, charitable donations, etc

2.       Complete the Annual Tax Organizer

·         Going through the Tax Organizer is a good exercise to ensure nothing is missed


3.       Submit the tax documents along with the Tax Organizer to us (as one file, instead of individually)

·         See the many ways you can get the documents to us—we want to make this easy on you

4.       Check for a notifications and updates on the status of your tax return

·         You will be notified by email if we need any additional information from you and once it is complete

·         At anytime you can check the status of your return on our portal

5.       Review the tax return once you are notified of its completion


6.       Sign the tax return after review.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

·         Signing is easy through DocuSign


7.       Download a copy of the tax return directly from DocuSign


·         A copy of your tax return will always be accessible to you when you log on to your Docusign account


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