Five Reasons To Work With Us

We are Caputa and Associates and here are the top five reasons to work with us! 1) We care! We care about people that’s why we help people with...

How to certify for IDES PUA benefits

Watch this short video to find out where to go and how to certify for Illinois Unemployement “IDES” Pandamic Unemployment Assistance...

Onboarding New Employees

Onboarding New Employees

Here are the necessary payroll forms your new employees need to fill out. For security purposes, please do not e-mail them to us, rather, upload the...

Welcome to Covid “Light”!

Welcome to Covid “Light”!

As we begin to emerge from a closed Covid Pandemic World to a slowly opening ”Covid Light” world, changing the way we do things is now a daily or at...

Payroll Onboarding Instructions

Payroll Onboarding Instructions

Payroll Onboarding Please watch the short video Please Sign the Payroll EFT Application 1. Click E-mail Link 2. Company Info 3. Select Bank Account...

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