Personal Income Tax Planning and Preparation

Our Tax Experts are Ready for Your Personal Taxes Now and Throughout the Year!

With extensive knowledge and understanding of current tax laws, our approach will help minimize your liability while remaining compliant.


We will apply our expertise to your personal taxes, to ensure that you are taking full advantage of all available tax breaks.

We will also work with you to help you understand how your decisions and opportunities may impact your tax status moving forward.

Throughout the year, we spend time learning about all new developments in federal and local tax legislation and utilize them to benefit our clients.

  • Tax Planning and Strategy

  • Tax Return Preparation 

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Tax Preparation for Individuals

There’s no substitute for working with qualified professionals when it comes to tax preparation. Let our years of experience be the right path to get your tax return prepared accurately by an experienced team of accountants. You’ll be glad you came to us!

Tax Filing Due Date is April 15

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Individual Tax Return Pricing

Personal 1040 Tax Returns

Starts at $150

Pricing is dependent on the complexity of the tax return. Our individual income tax preparation pricing starts at $150 and includes the Illinois state tax return.  If you are eligible for the earned income tax credit, education credits, capital gains, dividends, side business, rental properties, foreign tax accounts, or other scenarios then the price reflects that extra complexity.

Tax Return Preparation

Your federal and state income tax return will be professionally prepared, reviewed and e-filed.  We will aim to achieve the most beneficial tax outcome and help you with strategies for next year to lower your tax liability while keeping you compliant.

Check Prior Year Returns

We will review your last three years of tax returns for any missed deductions, credits or unnecessary taxes. For example, we recovered $6,700 for one client and $5,000 for another client – that was just a singular year. In most cases, you don’t even know on what you’re missing out.

Free Unlimited Consultations

Unlimited free advice and consultations throughout the year.  We’ll give you guidance and recommendations on the best way to save the most tax.

Agency Correspondence

We’ll handle correspondence you receive from the IRS or state agencies and respond on your behalf.  We will fight to waive all penalties and respond to correspondence audits.

  • E-Filing Federal Tax Return Included
  • State Tax Return Preparation & Filing Included

    Illinois tax return preparation and filing is included. Other states are $175 each.

  • W-2 Wages Included

    Unlimited W-2 forms are included in the base price of the tax return.

  • Social Security Benefits Included

    Social security compensation is included in the base price of the return.

  • Direct Deposits and Electronic Payments Included

    Direct deposits or payments are included.

  • Estimated Payments Included

    Next year estimated payment vouchers.

  • Interest Income $10

    1099-INT interest income from bank savings accounts.

  • Dividends $25

    Each 1099-DIV statement.

  • Capital Gains $39

    Summary of Short-Term and Long-Term Capital Gains statement from Mutual Funds investments. Individual stock trades and cryptocurrency transactions extra.

  • Retirement Distributions $20

    1099-R statements from pensions, 401k, IRA, etc. retirement plans

  • Rental Properties $100

    Income and Expenses for Schedule E Rental Properties. $100 each property.

  • Schedule C Business $150

    1099 / DBA Schedule C Business

  • K-1 S-Corporations & Partnerships $125

    Each K-1 from an 1120S S-Corporation or 1065 Partnership.

  • K-1 Trusts $50

    Each K-1 received from a simple trust return.

  • Education Credits $25

    American Opportunity Credit or Lifetime Learning Credit for higher education or Illinois credit for K-12 school expenses. $25 per student and/or school.

  • Student Loan Interest $10

    Student loan interest reported on 1098-E. $10 for each 1098-E form.

  • Real Estate Taxes & Mortgage Interest $25

    Real Estate Taxes & Mortgage Interest for primary residence for Schedule A Itemized Deductions and Illinois tax credit.

  • Earned Income Credit / Child Tax Credit $40

    Due diligence forms are required with any EIC or Child Tax Credits claimed on a tax return.

  • Dependent Care Credit $45

    Credit for daycare or babysitter expenses.

  • Charitable Donations $9

    Charitable cash or property donations. $9 each statement or summary.

  • Sale of Real Estate $150

    Sale of Real Estate of primary, rental, or investment property.

  • Foreign Bank Accounts $100

    Form FinCEN 114. Each additional bank account $25.

  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) $150

    If required to compute and file the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).

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