Payroll Onboarding

Sign the Payroll EFT Application


1. Click E-mail Link

Click the link from the e-mail you received from “Accountant’s World Payroll Relief.”

For security purposes, the link will expire in 7 days. Please let us know if you would like us to resend it.


2. Company Information

Confirm or enter your business information


3. Select Your Business Bank Account

Choose Real Time Bank Validation for instant bank account verification.

Select your business bank account to pay direct deposit and payroll taxes from. Most likely, it will be the same account, so do not select a Tax account.

If you have any technical issues, choose Prenote Validation and enter your business bank routing and account number. You will be asked to confirm a small debit to your bank account to verify you own the account. The debit will take place within a day or so and will be between $0.01 and $1.00. Please let us know the amount so we may confirm the ownership of the account.


4. Authorize EFT

Please enter your business name, your name, tick the checkbox, and click I Approve.




5. Sign Payroll Application

Sign the payroll application by ticking the box and clicking I Approve to authorize us to process payroll on your behalf.



Next steps…

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