Small business owners try to do things themselves to keep costs down. Payroll software programs do work and may save a few dollars, until a mistake happens. Then you are doing the same work over again, refiling IRS forms or handing over your hard earned cash to pay penalties.

Here are a couple of examples. One business owner committed a data entry error on a quarterly return, another missed mailing a federal form because it burrowed it’s way into the pile of paperwork on his desk. These seem like slight oversights but each one of these errors caused multiple letters from government agencies. Each demanding a timely response. Wasted time is one thing, but when one little mistake causes it to keep happening over again, here comes the headache!

Trust the experts and prevent the pain. They know the new changes, the rules and how to follow them. Profits and productive hours are important to all business owners, so do what you do best and outsource the rest. Saving time, saving money and eliminating pain is what outsourcing is for, running and growing your business efficiently is what you are for!

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