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S-Corporation (1120S) and Partnership (1065) Income Tax filing due date is March 15th

To file by the due date, please send us your financial statements (Profit & Loss, etc.) no later than February 22nd.  

Extensions – We are happy to file an extension on your behalf. However, there is no extension to for the IL corporate payment. We need to know your estimated Profit and will file the extension with the payment. 

Please provide your estimated profit no later than March 8th.

Personal Taxes

Personal Income Tax Return is due April 15th

To file by the due date, please send us the completed Tax Organizer along with all necessary tax documents no later than March 25th  

Extensions – we will file an extension for you. However, there is no extension to make the IRS and State payments.  If you expect to owe money to the IRS or state, we can submit the estimated payment along with the extension, or you can make the payment separately on the IRS or IL MyTax website (or mail a check).  We must know by April 8th if you’d like us to submit the extension only or payment with the extension.


Thank you, and we’re looking forward to working with you this tax season and throughout the year.


Caputa & Associates, Ltd.

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