Your small business

Business Taxes

By using a proactive tax planning approach and an extensive knowledge of current tax laws, we can help you minimize your tax liability while remaining compliant.

Tax Return Preparation

Your federal and state income tax return will be professionally prepared, reviewed and e-filed.  We will aim to achieve the most beneficial tax outcome and help you with strategies for next year to lower your tax liability while keeping you compliant.


General advice and consultations throughout the year. Lease vs. buy?  Auto, building, and equipment in personal or corporate name?  W-2 employee or 1099 contractor?  We’ll give you guidance and recommendations on the best way to save the most tax and stay compliant.

Agency Correspondence

We’ll handle any correspondence you receive from the IRS or state agencies regarding your corporate income tax return and respond on your behalf.  If there are any penalties for late filing or elections, we will contact the IRS or other agencies to fight to waive all penalties.

Reasonable Compensation Assessment

Annual reasonable compensation calculation and evaluation. Includes reports and documentation to support your minimum reasonable compensation amount to avoid the IRS from reclassifying your distributions to compensation for services subject to payroll taxes.

Semi-Annual Tax Planning

Mid-Year and year-end analysis of salary and profit from your business to calculate the tax required to avoid additional taxes and penalties from the IRS.  We will calculate the right amount of tax to withhold to account for your complete tax situation and avoid under-withholding penalties and interest.

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