Our Tax Experts are Ready for Your Corporate, Small Business and Individual Taxes Now and Throughout the Year!

With extensive knowledge and understanding of current tax laws, our approach will help minimize your liability while remaining compliant.


We will apply our expertise to your business and personal taxes, to ensure that you are taking full advantage of all available tax breaks.


We will also work with you to help you understand how your business decisions and opportunities may impact your tax status moving forward.


Throughout the year, we spend time and money to learn about all new developments in federal and local tax legislation and utilize them to benefit our clients. We also use top of the line software to help ensure that nothing is missed.


  • Tax Planning & Strategy

  • Tax Return Preparation

  • Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, DBAs


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Business Tax Planning and Preparation

We understand how tax laws apply your business. Depending on your industry, products or services, we’ll determine what kinds of tax breaks you qualify for and which deductions will work best for your type of business.


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Business Tax Return Pricing

S-Corporations | C-Corporations* | Partnerships*


$ 69/Month
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Annual Tax Planning
  • Reasonable Comp. Estimate
  • Consultations
  • Agency Correspondence


$ 60/Month
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Annual Tax Planning
  • Reasonable Comp. Estimate
  • Free Consultations
  • Agency Correspondence


$ 46/Month
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Annual Tax Planning
  • Reasonable Comp. Estimate
  • Free Consultations
  • Agency Correspondence
Tax Return Preparation

Your federal and state income tax return will be professionally prepared, reviewed and e-filed.  We will aim to achieve the most beneficial tax outcome and help you with strategies for next year to lower your tax liability while keeping you compliant.

Annual Tax Planning

Year-end analysis of salary and net income from your business to calculate the tax required to avoid additional taxes and penalties from the IRS.

We will calculate the right amount of tax to withhold on your paychecks, or quarterly estimates, to account for your complete tax situation and avoid under-withholding penalties and interest.

Reasonable Compensation Assessment

Annual reasonable compensation calculation and evaluation. Includes reports and documentation to support your minimum reasonable compensation amount to avoid the IRS from reclassifying your distributions to compensation for services subject to payroll taxes.


General advice and consultations throughout the year. Lease vs. buy?  Auto, building, and equipment in personal or corporate name?  W-2 employee or 1099 contractor?  We’ll give you guidance and recommendations on the best way to save the most tax and stay compliant.

Agency Correspondence

We’ll handle correspondence you receive from the IRS or state agencies regarding your corporate income tax return and respond on your behalf.  We will fight to waive all penalties.

*Price is for an S-Corporation 1120S income tax return. Partnerships 1065 and C-Corporations 1120 are $100 more. Illinois state included; other states are additional preparation fees. Representative for a typical service small business, under $1MM revenues, one owner/shareholder. Assumes complete and accurate bookkeeping is done and provides financial statements of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and General Ledger.

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