Items to bring to your Business appointment

  1. Copy of prior year’s corporate or partnership tax return (if applicable)
  2. Articles of Incorporation / LLC Articles of Organization
  3. EIN letter (if you have it, or at least the EIN number)
  4. Partnership/LLC Operating Agreement / Corporate Bylaws (stating % ownership, profits, etc.)
  5. S-Corporation Election Form 2553 (if applicable)
  6. Contact info of each partner/member/shareholder: name, e-mail, phone, address, Social Security Number, date of birth
  7. Payroll reports (payroll register, wage & tax report, W-2, W-3)
  8. Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, General Ledger (or access to QuickBooks Online, Xero, etc.)
  9. Business Bank and Credit Card Statements, including copies of cleared checks.

Click the PDF icon to download the form.

If you don’t have a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet from your General Ledger software (Quickbooks, Xero, etc) then please use the below worksheet to populate your income and expenses.